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19 and 20 Seat Minibus Hire Wolverhampton

20 19 Seat Wolverhampton Minibus Hire

Take the next step after our exquisitely built minibuses to find our 19-seater mini coach provides that extra bit of room, with all the quality features of our minibuses. The 19-seater mini coach and 20-seater minibus hire Wolverhampton service will take care of that difficult middle space between groups where there might be an uneven amount of people, or that are simply looking for some extra space without the square-footage of our impressive coaches. Coach Hire Wolverhampton is always proud to offer exactly what our customers need, and for many groups, these in-betweeners are the ideal option they have been looking for.

With the sleek design of our minibuses and all the spacious interior of our coaches, our 19-seaters can easily fit a group and all of their person affects with room to spare. Overhead and boot storage free up tonnes of room in the seating areas and aisles, so passengers can stretch out and enjoy the trip instead of feeling too close to their neighbour. At the same time, our compact mini coaches and smaller coaches provide the personal feel of a smaller vehicle in terms of quality, amenity offerings, and professional service. The size of your group does not mean you lose the personal service we provide, instead our drivers and staff work hard to keep up our high standards for customer satisfaction.

Looking for some extra room? Our 20-seater coaches are the first in the line of our impressive fleet of coaches. While the smallest of the coaches, there is no cramped feeling when travelling on-board these top of the line vehicles! Stretch out and relax with your mates as you are shuttled to and from your destinations, or lean back and unwind after a long day out exploring the finest Wolverhampton has to offer. Whether you plan on touring or eating your way through this beloved city, know that at the end of your trip our driver will be ready to take you back home or to your hotel so you can be ready for the next day.

Despite their unique place in Coach Hire Wolverhampton's excellent fleet, both our 19-seater mini coach, and our 20-seater coach are certain to be just what you are looking for in terms of space and quality. We have curated our fleet to cater to a wide variety of customer preferences and needs, and we are confident in our fleet's continued ability to cater to any needs of yours. Business professionals will find the benefit of travelling with co-workers to increase productivity and ensure prompt arrival times. Instead of stressing over whether or not you will be on time to the big meeting, let our professional drivers get you there ahead of schedule while you work on the finishing touches with your fellow colleagues.

At Coach Hire Wolverhampton, the only thing more important than customer satisfaction is customer safety. We only employ the most proficient drivers to take care of our customers, requiring extensive training and vetting procedures through the DBA and CRB along with additional background investigations to ensure that we are putting you in the most capable of hands. To further provide security while you travel abroad with your group, each vehicle is outfitted with GPS navigational technology along with vehicular monitoring equipment. This is done to ensure quality of your trip and that our driver is providing you with safe, lawful transportation. All this is done with you, our customer in mind. So, next time you are travelling and need transporting for you and your group, simply call the experts at Coach Hire Wolverhampton, we are ready and able to make your trip happen.