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57 Seat Coach Hire

57 Seat Coach Hire

Impressive in size but smooth on the road, the 57-seater coaches in our fleet are nothing to dismiss; they have all the quality of our luxury models with the economic price tag you will not find anywhere else. Built to handle large groups, while still running perfectly as it zips you through the lively streets of Wolverhampton's City Centre, these coaches can provide all the comforts you would want, while still having plenty of space to enjoy your trip with your fellow passengers. Here at Coach Hire Wolverhampton, we do not cut corners when it comes to our fleet's quality. Expect all the amenities you would find on our smaller vehicles right here on-board the 57-seater. All of our customers can relax while travelling without being stuffed into a small, hot vehicle, or having to take multiple vehicles to shuttle everyone around. Instead, delight in the cool comfort our coach provides at a rate too good to pass up.

The size of our 57-seater solves many problems assailing large groups looking to travel together. Balancing the amount of luggage and seats filled can be difficult figure out when travelling, so we have taken care of that problem for you! With spacious boot storage, along with excellent overhead compartments to take passenger luggage off the seats and out of the aisles, you free up plenty of room for everyone. This also addresses the hassle of being forced to take multiple vehicles, where the hope that everyone will arrive at the right place with delay or traffic issues is not enough to make it happen. So why leave the driving to everyone and just take our coaches along with you?

Each one of these impressive 57-seaters comes equipped with a plethora of conveniences and features to keep everyone at ease and fully entertained while travelling together. On-board PA systems are the perfect tool for group leaders looking to offer suggestions on attractions and sights, while also providing tour guides with the ability to direction attention where needed. Radio/stereo entertainment systems allow for groups to sing along to their favourite songs, or even tune in to listen to the latest news from the game while on the road. Those hoping to do sight-seeing will appreciate the stunning panoramic windows on-board that provide plenty of room for passengers to take in the gorgeous view of Wolverhampton's famous Moseley Old Hall, or the lush green of West Park. If you are simply looking to relax, you can do that too! Just lean back in your plush seat and let the skilled driving of our staff take you through the city and to your next destination. You can close your eyes to the sounds of the radio and listen as the tour guide explains Wolverhampton's impressive role in the Great War.

Although many features we provide on our 57-seater coaches will vary depending on what package is selected, we are committed to making sure you have everything you and your group could need while traveling. Each of our vehicles regardless of type are held to the same stringent standards of our luxury vehicles, and we are confident in their quality. Before even letting them out of our lot, each coach undergoes extensive inspections and maintenance so that your large group is not delayed by easily avoidable issues.

The coaches in our fleet are easily scaled to your needs, and the 57-seater coaches we provide are more than enough to accommodate most groups and their personal assets. As the balance between quality and affordability is met perfectly by us, you can be confident that when you travel with us, you travel with the best.